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The Vault of Dreams' Journal

Below are the 25 most recent journal entries.

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  2007.02.12  10.18
dream themes

I had a couple of dreams with recurring elements.


  2006.08.28  15.20
Dream Group

I've been having a lot of strong & odd dreams lately.


  2006.07.26  20.52

I had a weird dream about many of the elements in my thoughts these days...

I was in New York (where I used to live) and there were these tall buildings - housing projects. I am reminded of this cult that had squatted one of the buildings - that really existed... Anyway, I've also been thinking of how I owned an apartment in the neighborhood which I lost among the financial disaster of 9.11. (really! these are my associations... )
Anyway, back to the dream... There was some Japanese lady who is a mix between my grandmother and this crazy/fun Japanese lady Miwa who I took some mushrooms with one time. Anyway, she was really old, and a bed in this apartment I had seen from the outside. I vaguely remember (or am I making it up?) going up the elevator to get there, the apartment.

My brother and his wife were there, and my mom. Anyway, my sister-in-law was morphed into this fun red-haired party-girl I know from traveling... who's also a member of a cult (a different one from the one in New York - these people are actually kinda cool, in a spooky kind of way...!).
Anyway, in real life my brother and sister-in-law are super-straight, but somehow they were hoping to take some weed from this bed-bound Japanese-grandma lady. I was really spooked out about something, and trying to show my Mom and brother and Sister-in-law some secret hidden in the old lady's bed.
In fact, there was something - which the old lady showed me, but kept from my family members. It was a strange sex-partner thing... sort of legs with a Halloween mask on, that's all, but I knew it was middle-aged, and it grossed me out the idea of this old lady having sex with this... THING! Hairy legs, hermaphroditic... just a leg, actually, I think ONE leg, and a wierd mask that was white and had an open screaming mouth - I actually remember owning this mask as a kid! The creature looked like a Salvadore Dali invention, really.... My association is with this lady who teaches in Burma who is quite a bit older than me and I think was hoping to sleep with me in our travels... (In point of fact I would have cuddled with her, but didn't want to sleep with her!)
Anyway, this old lady that was sleeping with a leg/mask had a husband with white cloudy eyes - Asian, but with what looked like severe cataracts. He was talking and gesticulating and... flipping me off! Almost off-handed, like he was blind, but really looking at me... in me... through me!

Anyway, I went to the bathroom and saw a sink stopped up with lots and lots of hairs in it - stagnant water. For some reason I wondered if it was a toilet (it was shaped weird) and I decided to pee into it - all while looking out the window it was stationed in front of - through some sheer curtains into a wall/parking space, which I was sure bordered a school ("boarding school?") - I worried a little that some kid would see me. I attribute this feeling to my real life feeling that I wonder what I would think of myself, now, as a child, while to prestigious schools, etc... I have a certain amount of shame that I'm not 'doing more with my life' etc, etc...


  2006.07.03  08.19
Water, Owls, Athena

Had this dream this morning. (In my dream, I was standing on the edge of a large body of water...) Any comments are appreciated.
Thank you.


  2006.06.18  07.11
Kill or be killed

I just woke up from a most heart pounding dream.
A friend Mandy and I were in a society which was very religious and we tried to play along nice, but we weren’t sure which religion they were, we assumed Catholics.
Well, the head of the community deemed me anti of there religion. There plan was to keep me away from church for that service and have me killed but I went to the church and I don’t know why but I thought that the preacher would side with me. However he did, after everyone left. Can’t kill me in a holy place. The preacher was going to help me hide. I was almost caught until Mandy ran up to me throwing me and her on the ground, our faces covered with dirt, acting like we were two kids juts playing some imaginary war game. They believed it.
Then Mandy was gone and I went back to where I had left the preacher and the room I walked into was a trap.
There was the head family, Mom, Husband, and son there with markings on their body, also a little girl, and then two college student aged guys which one however was on my side. So 3 vs. 5. In the end we were 2, me and the preacher. When the preacher became unable to fight and the other guy died I killed everyone.
The little girl I stabbed and threw her down the stairs but I could still here her scream, in my mind ran the idea of maybe she wasn’t evil, but she was apart of them.
The second guy I guess the preacher wanted to keep alive but it was to late because he was foaming at the mouth from the first hard stab I game him and I only finished him off to end the pain.
Most of them were not dead but dying, I never stabbed there hearts, but I didn’t have to worry about them getting up. They would bleed to death soon. All of them screaming.
I woke up.

Mood: crazy

  2006.04.28  09.47

I had these disturbing dreams last night: rattlesnakes
I'd be interested in any comments. Thank you.


  2006.02.07  22.08
The Dreamsbox & Sinsbox Projects | share dreams and sins

Hey all,

I was on blinklist and saw the following article about dreamsbox.com and sinsbox.com. Since its revelant to this community, I thought I would share it:

"2 documentation projects emerged this month to spearhead a new push in the Web 2.0 era for simplicity. The Dreamsbox (http://www.dreamsbox.com) Project seeks to document the world's dreams, allowing for anonymous posting of dreams along with the creations of free personal dream diaries. The Sinsbox Project (http://www.sinsbox.com) seeks to document sins and secrets, allowing for anonymous confessions and submissions of expressional art. Both projects allow for a unique rating system..."

Both projects are actually pretty addictive and fun. I love the fact that they're simple to use but their design kinda suck and sinsbox.comis a bit too dark and scandalous for me but nonetheless i'm addicted. As it turns out the guy who started the 2 projects went to school with me back in the days! Now I guess he's an internet junkie. haha! Anyways, please spread words about these 2 projects to friends and family if you can through word of mouth or through your own postings. In general, I just think that these two projects are very decent in terms of what they're trying to do. Read the "about" page to learn how cool these people are.


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  2004.11.16  12.25
Fever Dreams, Cliffs & Gullies

On Sunday I was struck by lurgy: cough, sore throat, soaring temperatures and the shivers and the rest. As I tried to sleep I had the most gloriously surreal fever dreams, of the kind I had last January when I had a really bad case of 'flu:
I was walking a a rough gully between green hills like the South Downs close to where I grew up. Ahead of me was Kevin, a friend I've not seen for a year or so and who is more a urban than country kind of guy. He kept up his pace relentlessly - not fast, just steady - as I stumbled after him occassionally trying to climb up the earth and flint sides of the gully to the hills above. I recall the sky being gloriously blue with little fluffy clouds that seemed more abstract than real, and the gully just getting steeper and stepper but the sides not being any shorter nor the hilltops closer...
Fever dreams rock; they always warp my world in unexpected ways and bring hidden consequences


  2004.10.19  08.20
last nights dream

my dream was about me running around a open spaced town, loads of big buildings around me but so much space inbetween them and me.
I was running from a man that was after me. I knew I had done some thing wrong but I wasn't sad about it, I was happy about the thing I did, even thought I dont know what I had done. Anyway Im running around town and I turn and see this black man running towards me, so I pick up a chair that just happened to be there and started to hit him with it because I wanted to knock him out. After awhile his head was bleeding but he wasnt stopping, so I turned and ran but as I ran I saw zombies coming towards me. I was'nt scared of them, I was more scared of the man that was still running after me. When I turned I saw a house made out of glass, and ran up to it. there was zombies everywhere but I didnt care about them I just wanted to stop this one man. I ran around the back of the glass house and waited for the man to run into view then I climb a small wall, once I was up there I found myself on the roof. Now I do not like hights so I must of been so scared of this man to have gone that high up. It ended with me watching zombies start attacking him and me starting to climb down the other side of the house, then I woke up

I do have some dreams that I dont think mean anything but some I think mean alot, but I sometimes need help from others to find out what they mean.

Mood: tired

  2003.08.28  14.17
Broken Images, Stolen From Me

Last night I was woken out of REM sleep: here are the fragments of the dream that being woken stole


  2003.05.07  09.41

Okay I'm gonna LJ Cut this cause it's pretty gross. my Cockroach NightmareCollapse )

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  2003.04.30  09.09
And The Dreams Played On

Last night I dreamt I was living in this massive house in the centre of some imaginary City where I had parties all the time and just lived the life of rielly. Thing is My teeth started to fall out, then my skin flaked and started to peel and people kept dying when I touched them or being infected with some horrible disease. It went on for quite a while and I distinctly remember one bit where I was holind a huge chunk of my gums in my hand just staring at it.

Mood: weird

  2003.01.19  19.45
Lions On The DLR

Standing waiting for the DLR at Beckton Park and a lion padded down the stairs. Station was deserted except for me and it was ages for the next train. Nowhere to run so I just stodd there looking at this scarred old lion. It came a little closer and stopped. So I slowly raised my hand and moved towards it until I could feel it's breath on my hand, still looking it in the eye. Eventually stroked it's muzzle and the slowly hunkered down continuing to do so. Saw motion on the bridge that runs between the two platforms and there was a camera crew from "You've Been Framed" or something similar filming us and this circus performer coming down the stairs. He started talking to the lion, calling it "Leo". So I stood up, said "His name is Dignity" and walked over to the train coming in, got in and sat down to read.

Mood: mellow

  2002.12.10  02.20

the first dream I think I had was like I was playing this game, where my character was like a hand, but it was also a monkey. the goal was to jump and move around on this thing and then get into this house that was on the left side on the screen. I couldn't get into it. Then somehow my cousin came in and was sitting next to me. Then I just barely made it over, and got in. Then somehow the charcater became a real moneky like that super monkey one on dexter's lab. then me and my cuz were in the jungle. There were like these rope kind of things, I don't know what they're called, but they're like fish stringer rope, yellow kind of thing that can cut your hand from the fiber. Me and my cuz run and sneak under them, then were in the jungle, away from the people that we were with. the monkey was there too, but it wasn't like a grabby hand or whatever, it was an actual monky, with a head. (it didn't have a head before) Me and my cuz looked around for trees to climb, so we could get off the forest floor. I looked off to the right and saw at tree to climb. so, me my cuz and the monkey went over to it in a hurry. I climbed one side he climbed the other. when we got up there, he said something happened to his leg. and I looked, and it was all floppy. he dragged it and his foot was missing. and his knee was bending the opposite direction. But he wasn't in pain, he was actually smiling. I looked over and saw the moneky sitting in another tree, out of breath, and that's the end of that one. k

the other dream I had was even werider.
the whole thing I was under water. I was in this funny shelter thing with other 'things' (I can't remember if they were actually fish or not) and I was trying to get away from something. They were offering me encouragement. Then I swam away from them out into the open. Then I somehow felt the thing behind me that I was running from, so i swam faster. I came out of the sheltered thing and swam out into the open, which was near the lake in my town. My parents and I think maybe sister were sitting there in the van. they weren't in water, but I still was. I swam until I came past the van, over the metal quard rail. Then I either swam into the lake or fell, I don't remember. no I swam I remember not leaving water. (which is very strange since I had my contacts in and have had ear problems all my life) But here's the thing, I felt the change of water. I felt like I was splashing in water, and it felt cold, even though I never left water. I then swam up and put my head up to my eyes and nose out of the water with my hands hanging on the guard rail. My mom saw me in the lake, yelled like what is me doing in there or something, so I went down, and swam down a bit and came down a ways away from the van, where I climbed out. actually out of water, dripping

I don't normally get freaked out by dreams, but I'm worried about these. any ideas? they're been bothering me all day.


  2002.11.08  11.07
For all you dreamers

Thought you all might be interested in this web site. I ran across it in my search for symbols....


Mood: content

  2002.09.24  12.13
Scattered images

I dreamed of dinosaurs and running through high grass and trying to get away with my kids. I dreamed one got my son and bit off is head. Then the dream reset and I had him all safe and sound but still running from them. I dreamed of rivers and streams over-flowing; everything wet with rain, puddles and mud everywhere. I remember feeling icy cold and wet and vulnerable. I dreamed of someone I once knew and didn't particularly like holding me against my will. He wouldn't speak to me, just sit there with a stupid smile on his face while I had to decide if I should swallow my pride enough to ask him for a drink or just die. Then I dreamed of King Arthur in a cabin by a fire, sharing body heat, talking, answering questions. The overall feeling? Want.


  2002.06.02  20.58
Ok I've been prodded

At the prompting of the Fluffy one I reproduce the odd dream that I had the other night....
I'm still having horrible dreams. Last night I had a dream about people being executed. It was on a big hill, and I knew none of the people there. It was nighttime, and had the air of a festival about it, though it was night time, and there was a big camp fire. All these people were sitting on the floor, and apparently knew the girl that was about to be executed, they were her friends, and all had these yellow ribbons on, kind of like the pink ribbons people wear for breast cancer, and the red ones people wear for AIDS charities. They then bought this girl out who said goodbye to everyone and then they hung her. Except she was still alive, and screaming in agony because she hadn't been killed. Then they kept her alive. It then jumped to this party that they had organised to celebrate her life which was like a weird wake type thing, and threw away this yellow cake that said "congratulations" because they thought it was bad taste. Then the alarm went off.


  2002.05.25  15.17
Appropriate Friday Five set

Just thought those of you that don't normaly indulge in the Friday Five might find this one apt :

1. What's the last vivid dream that you remember having?
2. Do you have any recurring dreams?
3. What's the scariest nightmare you've ever had?
4. Have you ever written your dreams down or considered it? Why or why not?
5. Have you ever had a lucid dream? What did you do in it?


  2002.05.24  09.37
Planet Of The Apes?

So Last night I fall asleep thinking about many things, my play (A Midsummernights Dream) the hassle I'm having with the upcoming internet fraud thing, my future career, my past other things.

So what do I dream?
It starts I'm sneaking through a encampment in the wilderness like in planet of the apes to break some human prisoners free of a concentration camp. Of course after a bit of sneaking and fighting we break them free, and amongst them is my wife. We escape the camp and return to the city which is where I begin to realise that the dream is based in a kind of modern world like ours where humans and apes are equals and are in the midst of a bloody and violent civil war, with obviously me as one of the top human soldiers. So I return home to my wife and we discuss the strategy that we must be using to keep the apes from over running us and hopefully to end this civil war without complete obliteration of either race. So as things continue there is a little lovey dovey bit and next thing I know we are in a skirmish on the edge of town, with some apes who have come into town chasing what seems to be a human male about 18-20 (I get the impression I'm in my 30's in the dream) naturally we fight off the apes and save the boy which is when my wife point's out that he is not human but in fact a halfbreed of human & ape. for some reason my wife and I take him under our wing and help him to understand that his heritage is rich and diverse and that he should be proud of both his human and ape sides (we're obviously disgustingly P.C.) he becomes close with us and tries to use political means to bring an end to the civil war, where upon I'm told what I do isn't helping by both my wife and my new young friend, so I'm like, "it's all I know" or something to the like. Things go on and eventually I'm left feeling rejected and useless, last thing I remember is me asking my wife "what more can I do?" and everything decending into more and more war and Chaos.

Mood: confused

  2002.04.24  21.49

OK so I had a freaky dream last night. so this guy was chasing me around and trying to rape me adn every time I got a look at his face it was a different person who went to my school... VERY creepy!


  2002.04.14  09.21

Okay this was one f*cked up dream,

bad dreamsCollapse )

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  2002.03.01  22.18
one of my odd dreams

Well, since no one has posted in here in quite a while, and I never have, I decided I would tell you guys about a particularly odd dream I had about a year ago. If you laugh, don't feel bad.. sometimes I laugh thinking back on it.

I don't remember exactly how it started out, but my mom, a few other people, and I were in a living room. Then Satan comes in. Yeah, the weird thing is, it's a guy I know from my church. He's a big man and looks very mean and intimidating if you don't know him. I'm not sure how anyone knew he was Satan, but we all did. He was keeping us captive inside the house and at one point I remember taking knives and forks out of a drawer and sitting on them to hide them, motioning to my mother to throw some at him so we could get away. Her reply was "No, he'll know" and Satan looks over and takes the knives from me. Later somehow we get out of the house, only to go to another house, where Satan is waiting. The next thing I know we are all in a van on the way to Arizona. Everyone was faceless, so I can't tell where anyone was sitting. Except for Satan and I who were in the very back of the van, andI wasn't scared. I asked him why he was so evil, and he said he just needed a friend. Then, the weirdest part of the dream... I reach over and hug him - for the remainder of the trip to Arizona, and then he turns good.

How weird is that?

Mood: tired

  2002.01.30  09.05
I had a strange dream back in '97.........

I normally do dream interpretations and can always see how my dream correspond with something in my life. This dream tho has no explanation for me. I dreamt that I was facing a chain link fence in the desert and an airplane crashed right before me on the other side of the fence. The people around me were freakin' out, running around, just bascially hysterical. I was very calm as I watched the scene and made note of the airplane's description. It was tan with black lettering all over it. The black lettering I realized was mostly Arabic and Hebrew with smatterings of all the languages of the world. Then the dream just ended. I have no clue what it means for me or if it was what some call a vision or what. Any theories?????

Mood: cold

  2002.01.28  19.58
The silence is WAY to loud here....argg....

Okay, a dream I had about two years ago that I could never figure out. It's just.... oh just read it....
enter the twilight zoneCollapse )

Mood: complacent

  2002.01.29  01.22
Old Memories

I've been reading through my old personal journal entries from before I started LJ when I spotted this dream I had on the 14th of August, It was a really unusual one and worth noting:
Read more...Collapse )

Mood: contemplative

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