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I had a weird dream about many of the elements in my thoughts these days...

I was in New York (where I used to live) and there were these tall buildings - housing projects. I am reminded of this cult that had squatted one of the buildings - that really existed... Anyway, I've also been thinking of how I owned an apartment in the neighborhood which I lost among the financial disaster of 9.11. (really! these are my associations... )
Anyway, back to the dream... There was some Japanese lady who is a mix between my grandmother and this crazy/fun Japanese lady Miwa who I took some mushrooms with one time. Anyway, she was really old, and a bed in this apartment I had seen from the outside. I vaguely remember (or am I making it up?) going up the elevator to get there, the apartment.

My brother and his wife were there, and my mom. Anyway, my sister-in-law was morphed into this fun red-haired party-girl I know from traveling... who's also a member of a cult (a different one from the one in New York - these people are actually kinda cool, in a spooky kind of way...!).
Anyway, in real life my brother and sister-in-law are super-straight, but somehow they were hoping to take some weed from this bed-bound Japanese-grandma lady. I was really spooked out about something, and trying to show my Mom and brother and Sister-in-law some secret hidden in the old lady's bed.
In fact, there was something - which the old lady showed me, but kept from my family members. It was a strange sex-partner thing... sort of legs with a Halloween mask on, that's all, but I knew it was middle-aged, and it grossed me out the idea of this old lady having sex with this... THING! Hairy legs, hermaphroditic... just a leg, actually, I think ONE leg, and a wierd mask that was white and had an open screaming mouth - I actually remember owning this mask as a kid! The creature looked like a Salvadore Dali invention, really.... My association is with this lady who teaches in Burma who is quite a bit older than me and I think was hoping to sleep with me in our travels... (In point of fact I would have cuddled with her, but didn't want to sleep with her!)
Anyway, this old lady that was sleeping with a leg/mask had a husband with white cloudy eyes - Asian, but with what looked like severe cataracts. He was talking and gesticulating and... flipping me off! Almost off-handed, like he was blind, but really looking at me... in me... through me!

Anyway, I went to the bathroom and saw a sink stopped up with lots and lots of hairs in it - stagnant water. For some reason I wondered if it was a toilet (it was shaped weird) and I decided to pee into it - all while looking out the window it was stationed in front of - through some sheer curtains into a wall/parking space, which I was sure bordered a school ("boarding school?") - I worried a little that some kid would see me. I attribute this feeling to my real life feeling that I wonder what I would think of myself, now, as a child, while to prestigious schools, etc... I have a certain amount of shame that I'm not 'doing more with my life' etc, etc...
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