Jhaelan (jhaelan) wrote in dreamvault,

Fever Dreams, Cliffs & Gullies

On Sunday I was struck by lurgy: cough, sore throat, soaring temperatures and the shivers and the rest. As I tried to sleep I had the most gloriously surreal fever dreams, of the kind I had last January when I had a really bad case of 'flu:
I was walking a a rough gully between green hills like the South Downs close to where I grew up. Ahead of me was Kevin, a friend I've not seen for a year or so and who is more a urban than country kind of guy. He kept up his pace relentlessly - not fast, just steady - as I stumbled after him occassionally trying to climb up the earth and flint sides of the gully to the hills above. I recall the sky being gloriously blue with little fluffy clouds that seemed more abstract than real, and the gully just getting steeper and stepper but the sides not being any shorter nor the hilltops closer...
Fever dreams rock; they always warp my world in unexpected ways and bring hidden consequences
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