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last nights dream

my dream was about me running around a open spaced town, loads of big buildings around me but so much space inbetween them and me.
I was running from a man that was after me. I knew I had done some thing wrong but I wasn't sad about it, I was happy about the thing I did, even thought I dont know what I had done. Anyway Im running around town and I turn and see this black man running towards me, so I pick up a chair that just happened to be there and started to hit him with it because I wanted to knock him out. After awhile his head was bleeding but he wasnt stopping, so I turned and ran but as I ran I saw zombies coming towards me. I was'nt scared of them, I was more scared of the man that was still running after me. When I turned I saw a house made out of glass, and ran up to it. there was zombies everywhere but I didnt care about them I just wanted to stop this one man. I ran around the back of the glass house and waited for the man to run into view then I climb a small wall, once I was up there I found myself on the roof. Now I do not like hights so I must of been so scared of this man to have gone that high up. It ended with me watching zombies start attacking him and me starting to climb down the other side of the house, then I woke up

I do have some dreams that I dont think mean anything but some I think mean alot, but I sometimes need help from others to find out what they mean.
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