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Okay I'm gonna LJ Cut this cause it's pretty gross.

Okay so in my dream last night I wake up in my parent's house with this strange noise and I head over to the cupboard in my parent's spare room and open it and it's crawling in cockroaches. So I leave the room at speed and shut the door, at which moment I hear my mother shouting me. So I walk over to the top of the stairs and there's one at the top of the stairs so I try to crush it and it sheds its skin getting smaller and more see through it does this three times before I finally kill it. I turn round to talk to my mother and another one flies in my mouth and before I can react I've bitten on it and it's flying around in my mouth half dead naturally quite grossed out I run into the kitchen and am swarmed by them where they start getting under my clothes and in my hair and all over me at which point I woke up feeling absolutly creeped out at 6:45am and couldn't get back to sleep and was stuck with the idea of these things all over me and in my mouth and up my nostrils while I lay there for about half an hour trying to get the feeling to go away. Needless to say I brushed my teeth a little more vigarously this morning than usual.

I realise that reading this community it may look like I have terrible horrific nightmares all the time but I don't, well I do but I also have very good dreams it's just that the good one's aren't usually one's I feel like sharing for one reason or another. The bad one's feel better to get off my chest though.
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