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Lions On The DLR

Standing waiting for the DLR at Beckton Park and a lion padded down the stairs. Station was deserted except for me and it was ages for the next train. Nowhere to run so I just stodd there looking at this scarred old lion. It came a little closer and stopped. So I slowly raised my hand and moved towards it until I could feel it's breath on my hand, still looking it in the eye. Eventually stroked it's muzzle and the slowly hunkered down continuing to do so. Saw motion on the bridge that runs between the two platforms and there was a camera crew from "You've Been Framed" or something similar filming us and this circus performer coming down the stairs. He started talking to the lion, calling it "Leo". So I stood up, said "His name is Dignity" and walked over to the train coming in, got in and sat down to read.
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