satsumagirl (satsumagirl) wrote in dreamvault,

Ok I've been prodded

At the prompting of the Fluffy one I reproduce the odd dream that I had the other night....
I'm still having horrible dreams. Last night I had a dream about people being executed. It was on a big hill, and I knew none of the people there. It was nighttime, and had the air of a festival about it, though it was night time, and there was a big camp fire. All these people were sitting on the floor, and apparently knew the girl that was about to be executed, they were her friends, and all had these yellow ribbons on, kind of like the pink ribbons people wear for breast cancer, and the red ones people wear for AIDS charities. They then bought this girl out who said goodbye to everyone and then they hung her. Except she was still alive, and screaming in agony because she hadn't been killed. Then they kept her alive. It then jumped to this party that they had organised to celebrate her life which was like a weird wake type thing, and threw away this yellow cake that said "congratulations" because they thought it was bad taste. Then the alarm went off.
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