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Okay this was one f*cked up dream,

first I was in this wierd house which I can only assume wast meant to be the house we're moving into when it's been reburished. Then there was a massive hassle about how Whitby wasn't happening cause me and Dave can't afford it *which is looking likely in real life. I remember feeling really bad about it and getting seriously depressed, then people I know start dissapearing, first it was inconspicous starting with like Maz dissapearing, but no one thinking anything was up, except me then news comes through that fluffydave had dissapeared and that foul play was involved, at that point I started to get really worried as one or two more people I knew dissapeared. It gets a little hazy for a bit here, I remember that I started to get really paraniod checking up on all my friends constantly as one by one they were what I can only assume is murdered. Eventually I had locked myself in a cellar, which was situated below the house *we have no cellar* with an exit leading into the garden and I had blocked up the door and and sat huddled in the corner staring at the one working door. There was more but my memory gets really hazy round this point, I know it ended badly for me, I thnk it was a ghost of someone I used to know had hunted me down through the people I knew and eventually left me a gibbering wreck. I know it was something like that, although I do remember that when I woke up I half expected to see the ghosts of all my friends taunting and torturing me. *not pleasant*
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